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Support The Political Economy of Everything

Financial Contributions

Pe2 has no institutional affiliations and no wealthy benefactors. We do not advertise. And we are committed to keeping all our outputs free and accessible to all who might want to read them.

This being the case, our efforts here will grow or perish on the basis of those readers who have the means to financially contribute doing so. If you like the materials you find here, if you respect what we are trying to achieve (and how we are trying to achieve it), or if you simply think it is important that an organization like ours exists somewhere out in the world, please consider becoming a paying monthly/annual subscriber. Every bit goes a very long way.

All funding received is devoted to supporting research and writing conducted internally at Pe2 and towards commissioning research from outside scholars, journalists, and writers.

If you are interested in supporting this project through an alternative arrangement, please contact us at

Research Contributions

Interested in writing for Pe2?

Pe2 publications look to combine rich, historically-grounded analysis, clarifying data visualization, and enjoyable prose.

If you have an idea or existing work that strikes as a fit--or would like to work with the Director in developing a project--please send an email to